Our Hero: Lilly

Lilly’s Story

After Lilly’s first 21 months of chemo she then was in remission starting March of 2015 through December 31st. We received the news that the cancer had come back and a glioma was found in the brain. Lilly decided she would go the route of another year of chemo. Through it all Lilly stays strong right along with her motto “I’m Not Afraid I Will Be Brave”.¬†Also, her favorite quote is “God’s Got This”.

She has had a lot of faith in a total of 31 months of treatments all together. Having been truly blessed with many organizations who have stepped in and became family since the beginning. Runway for Research is something Lilly looks forward to getting to walk the runway with other heroes. Each day her siblings are understanding more and more what she is going through.Their bond has become stronger through this journey, that we have called it since July 5th, 2013, when we were told the words, “your child has Cancer.”

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